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Fasts and Feasts

Aid el Kebir in Morocco

Ramadan Morocco: 23 April – 22 May, 2020  Eid al-Adha: 30 July – 1 Aug, 2020



220 volts at Dar Zaman. Continental Europe adapters will be required for UK visitors.


Climate Morocco

Geographically, Morocco ranges from the Mediterranean in the north to the Sahara in the south. General seasonal temperatures are as follows: Autumn/Winter – mid November to mid February. Mostly warm (15-25°C), can be very chilly in evenings and it may rain, but rarely for long periods. Spring/Late Summer – March, April, May, September, October. Perfect […]

Women Travellers

Women Travellers

Morocco is an Islamic country and the general advice is to be modest in what you wear. To avoid unwelcome attention, it is best to avoid short skirts, short shorts or tank tops. Shorts that arrive close to the knee are acceptable.



No vaccinations are required by law but Typhoid and Hepatitis A are two that are strongly recommended. It is also a good idea to be up to date with polio and tetanus vaccines.


Health Morocco

Buying food from street vendors carries some degree of risk.  Tap water, while completely clean and OK to drink, could cause mild stomach upset due to different mineral composition. It’s absolutely fine for rinsing fruit and for brushing teeth. There is plenty of bottled water available throughout the country. Morocco is basically malaria-free.


Money in Morocco

The Moroccan dirham is a controlled currency and not usually possible to obtain outside of Morocco. The most convenient way to obtain dirhams is through an ATM. There are many banks with ATMs all over Marrakech. Daily withdrawal limits are usually around 3,000 dirhams. Ensure you advise your card issuer that you are travelling to […]


Visa to Morocco

Most nationalities including those from the UK, European Union countries, US and Canada do not need a visa to enter Morocco as a tourist. If you are unsure if you require one you should contact a Moroccan Embassy.


Visa to Morocco

The Moroccan government requires that passports be valid for at least the duration of the stay in Morocco.  Tourists can stay for a maximum of three months.  On arrival, passports will be stamped with the date and an entrance number.  No entry or exit fees are charged. Visitor information is provided on the Moroccan Foreign […]

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance Morocco

For some people making a Travel Insurance is very important. Being secured while traveling can be very wise. Get a travel insurance quote before traveling to Morocco. Travel Insurance to Morocco