Moroccan Hammam Guide

Hammam Guide Marrakech

Moroccan Hammam Guide

A visit to a local Moroccan hammam in Marrakech is a wonderful experience and one of the few ways to actually meet and participate in local Moroccan culture. If you are visiting Marrakech, don’t miss out on this cleansing and rich cultural opportunity. There is a certain etiquette involved and this brief hammam guide aims to address a few points, but don’t worry too much about getting it right as hammam attendants will be happy to guide you through the process.

Where are the hammams located?

Just about every neighbourhood in the Marrakech medina has its own hammam, so just ask the staff at your riad or hotel where the closest one is located. Avoid asking a taxi driver as probably you will end up at a high end tourist hammam (also OK, but not the local experience we are advocating here).

Do men and women bathe separately?

Absolutely yes. The larger hammams have entirely separate entrances and bathing areas for men and women. Smaller hammams operate separate opening hours for women (generally during the day) and men (generally in the evenings).

What do I need to take to the Hammam?

Ideally you should take a bag to put your clothes in, a towel and flip flops. You can also take shampoo, soap and a hammam exfoliating mitt, but the hammam will usually be able to provide these items for a small fee.