Gluten Free Breakfasts

"Bissara" or fava bean soup

“Bissara” or fava bean soup

At our Marrakech Riad we cater to guests’ individual needs wherever possible. If you are gluten intolerant it does not mean you have to miss out on breakfast. With the understanding that options may be more limited than where you usually live, a gluten or wheat free breakfast at Dar Zaman can still be a delicious moment and one to look forward to each morning! We can serve you fresh squeezed orange juice, fresh fruit, dried fruits, tea, coffee, eggs, potatoes and also a Marrakech specialty called “Bissara” which is a puree made from Fava beans – it’s gluten free, completely vegetarian, has a delicious buttery taste and makes an excellent and substantial breakfast.

If you choose to have dinner at the riad, our chef Karima can prepare various gluten free options, including Moroccan salads (seasoned cooked vegetables), tagines seasoned with local spices (with meat, or just vegetables) also a lentil dish. All the above can be accompanied by basmati rice if you wish.

Our Marrakech Riad is your home in Marrakech and we aim to make you as comfortable as possible. Contact our riad reservations team today to reserve your preferred travel dates.